Q : What is 3BB GIGATV ?

A : High-quality entertainment platform, watch continuously through 3BB GIGATV box, smartphone, tablet World-class channels and quality content include premium channels. (Premium Channels-HBO & 3BB Channels+International Channels) Available in all movie/series categories HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature, Cinemax, CNN, Boomerang Cartoon Network, 3BB Asian 3BBSerie 3BBSport 3BBSport Shopping, etc., and Digital TV channels, as well as rental or purchased premium videos.

Q : What is 3BB GIGATV Box? Key Features?

A : Google-certified Andriod TV box connects to online entertainment with 3BB GIGATV, can be connected via a Lan cable or via WiFi (dual band: 2.4Ghz/5Ghz), can be set up via mobile Andriod (if you already have Google Account) or smart remote, and chromecast built-in to bring the desired content to the TV.

Q : What kind of accessories come with 3BB GIGATV Box?

A : 3BB GIGATV Box, Remote Control, Power Adapter, Lan Cable, HDMI Cable and Installation Guide.

Q : What can Smart Remote do?

A : 3BB GIGATV smart remote has a smart button to watch live TV/ YouTube/ Monomax at your fingertips. Can use Google Assistant, select Show Live TV chart via the Guide EPG button, and browse favorite channels with heart button, Control video on demand with control button. You can forward, backward, play, or stop via smart remote.

Q : Can watch 3BB GIGATV from which device and platform?

A : Can watch with personal computer. Smartphone Tablet, etc. Choosing a web browser key in or through 3BB GIGATV App on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Q : After installing 3BB GIGATV BOX, registration is required?

A : After installing 3BB GIGATV BOX, no registration is required.


Q : Is 3BB GIGATV APP compatible with what devices and operating systems? How to download the app?

A : 3BB GIGATV APP is compatible with mobiles and tablets with the Android operating system, version 5.0 and up. The app is available for download in Play Store.

For iPhone and iPad (iOS, version 10.0 and up), the app is available for download in App Store.

Q : Is 3BB GIGATV APP can be used in other countries?

A : No, the app cannot be used abroad via the Internet since all of its contents are allowed to be viewed in Thailand only.

Q : How many devices can use 3BB GIGATV APP simultaneously?

A : The app can be viewed on two devices simultaneously ( Register Five devices ).

Q : Can I continue watching live TV, movies and series on 3BB GIGATV APP on another device?

A : Yes, you can switch between devices and continue watching programs.

Q : Apart from the GIGA TV package, is 3BB GIGATV APP can be used with 4G/5G or Wi-Fi Internet connections of other networks?

A : You can use the 3BB GIGATV app with 4G/5G or Wi-Fi connections of other networks.

Q : Can I watch 3BB GIGATV APP on Google Chromecast, Android TV/Box and Smart TV?

A : Yes, but devices must have a Chromecast built-in function. The quality of programs also depends on your Internet connections.


Q : Is 3BB GIGATV WEB compatible with which devices and operating systems?

A : Personal Computer such as Notebook/PC/ MacBook /iMac etc.

Operating Systems; Windows และ MacOS

Q : What is the domain name for 3BB GIGATV WEB?

A : is streaming website

Q : In case already subscribe to 3BB GIGATV package, how can I use

A : Can log in the website by using the same user and password as 3BB Member

Q : Can view abroad? (Outside of Thailand)

A : No, the content rights are limited to the territory of Thailand only

Q : The video and picture quality on

A : The quality of video and Live TV are up to FULL HD (1080 p). However, the system will automatically adjust your viewing to the speed of internet (Adaptive Bitrate)